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How to pick the right dressage girth?

In horse equipment, girth serves as an attachment device – it helps you put the saddle firmly on the horse’s back. In its structure, it resembles an elastic strap with buckles on both ends, which allow you to more comfortably adjust the fastening in such a way that will make it impossible for the saddle to fall down. What is characteristic of dressage girt is that they are shorter, which allows for better contact with the horse and a better feel of the horse’s body while in a seat.

Dressage girth – how to pick the right model?

Horse with girth
Horse with saddle, saddle pad, girth and stirrups

There are many types of dressage girths available on the market. Which one you should pick often depends on your horse’s silhouette. Most often, while dividing dressage girths into categories, you will find:

  • Anatomical dressage girth – the best solution for horses with proportional chests – at a right angle to the front legs. It has characteristic pits on the front and back for the horse’s elbows.
  • Asymmetrical dressage girth – the best choice for horses with wide chests, where you cannot see a place clearly dedicated for the girth. The pits are visible only on the front, around the elbows.
  • Half-moon dressage girth – the best option for horses with short backs and convex chests as the slightly bent shape of the girth will ideally fit the profile. It has pits on the front.
  • Dressage girth for athletic horses – the best solution for horses that are thinner at the back. It resembles the half-moon girth, however, the bent is to the front, not to the back.

There are many other criteria that allow for diversification of dressage girths. For example, depending on the length, or used material. Very popular are dressage girths with fur, as their soft lining additionally protects the horse from irritation.

Leading producers of dressage girths

We should name Prestige Italia among the best producers of dressage girths. It is an Italian brand that has been producing equestrian equipment beloved all over the world since the ‘50s. This company emerged from Stocchetti-Rasia’s family love for equestrian sports and the very individual approach to the topic translates into a deep understanding of both the rider and the horse.

Another producer worth recommending is the Finnish brand Horze founded in 1988. Horze’s products have very thoughtful forms kept in a fashionable classic style that will meet the expectations of traditionalists and innovators.

TOP 3 of the best dressage girths

Below, we present a few interesting offers of dressage girths from various price ranges, which may serve as inspiration while searching for the perfect product for your horse.

3. Horze, Smooth dressage girth

Made of high-quality leather and anatomically profiled. Additionally, in the central part, it has an aid ring, which was made of stainless steel, as all metal elements. Available in two colors and four sizes.

2. Prestige Italia, A1 dressage girth

Made of impregnated leather with no rubber inserts, which makes it very elegant. It is anatomically profiled and available in two colors and many sizes growing each 5cm.

1. Prestige Italia, A52 RP dressage girth

What makes this girth stand out is its exceptionally innovative form with a round panel. The use of the panel allows your horse for full freedom of movement. The girth is made of leather with rubbers on both sides. Available in two colors and many sizes that also grow every 5cm, which allows you to adjust this girth perfectly to your horse.

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