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Dressage saddle pad. What kind of saddle pad is good for your dressage horse?

Proper equipment for our steed is the very basis of providing your horse with comfort and achieving optimal cooperation. No wonder then that every owner cares for his or her horse, guaranteeing all necessary accessories. One of the basic elements of equestrian equipment is a saddle pad. What is its function, what is it, and how to choose the best one? Let’s take a closer look at this topic. Are you interested? Then let’s begin!

Saddle cloth for horses

Dressage saddle cloths or saddle pads are one of the most important elements of the horse’s equipment. Their main task is to protect the animal’s back from all kinds of irritation. What is more, a saddle cloth should absorb excess of the horse’s sweat during training. It also helps to distribute the rider’s weight and cushion jumps. A high-quality saddle cloth should be made of the best possible materials. It should also be durable and soft so that even the most sensitive horses prone to chafing could use it. While choosing a saddle cloth for your horse, you first have to pay attention to its shape, thickness, ways of production, quilting, but also color, which should form a matching whole with other accessories.

Types of saddle cloths

Differences between saddle pad types based on Equiline size chart. Dressage saddle cloths have more squared shape (DN, DS, PDN) comparing to general-purpose and jumping types.

DL/DR are dressage saddle cloths – it’s the most common abbreviation of the dressage size of saddle pad or saddle cloth. They come in the shape of rectangles with slightly rounded edges. You can differentiate various sizes adjusted to the horse size:

  • Shetty,
  • Pony,
  • Cob,
  • Full.

Leading producers

The key matter when it comes to a saddle cloth’s usability is its quality. You should focus your choice only on the renowned leading producers with many years of experience. Undoubtedly, one of the best choices will be a saddle cloth from Prestige Italia. It is one of the most prestigious brands that always puts quality first. Similarly popular and likes is Renaissance that keeps fascinating people with their design and quality of the offered products. Among other leaders, you will find brands such as Busse, Waldhausen, Horze, or HKM. Saddle cloths from these producers will surely perfectly serve you for years.

Top 5 dressage saddle cloths for horses

Prestige B41 black dressage saddle pad

Without a doubt, the leading product is the Prestige Italia B41 dressage saddle cloth. It is made with the highest diligence and attention to detail. It has loops with velcros and it perfectly fits under the saddle.

Eskadron Matrix saddle cloth

The second place belongs to Eskadron’s matrix contrast dressage saddle cloth. This product is made of a fabric of the highest quality. Due to its anatomical shape, it perfectly fits the horse’s back. The cloth is edged with shiny trimming and woven strings.

Horze Windsor saddle pad

Horze Windsor in a beautiful shade of baby blue takes the third place. It is made of breathable material and its edges are decorated with a triple string. This saddle cloth is padded with foam, which provides proper amortization.

Busse Teagan saddle pad

In the fourth place, there is Busse Teagan in a bright shade of gray. Its main pros are excellent breathability and exceptional sweat absorption.

HKM Alicante saddle pad

The fifth place belongs to HKM Alicante in navy blue and pink. Its anatomical shape, perfect ventilation, and unique design make it one of the best saddle cloths available on the market.

Pick the perfect saddle cloth for your beloved steed and provide him with exceptional comfort. Let’s do this!

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