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Dressage boots for horses

Dressage boots for horses – what are they?

Dressage boots for horses, as their name suggests, are pieces of equipment that protect the horse’s legs. Thanks to them, the horse’s limbs are shielded from impacts that may lead to serious injuries of e.g. tendons. A very special type of these boots are dressage boots with fur, which due to the soft lining protect the horse not only from irritations but also constitute an interesting element of the steed’s equipment.

Types of horse boots

There are many types of boots, according to their function we can divide them into:

  • Cross boots;
  • Western boots;
  • Race boots;
  • Jumping boots;
  • Dressage boots.

They are used for various disciplines, which is why their build differ between particular models. A very special type of boots are dressage boots, which protect the horse’s limbs from mechanical damage that may be caused while performing complicated figures. Boots may also be divided based on which part of the limb they protect. Such a differentiation names:

  • Hock boots;
  • Wrist boots;
  • Heel boots;
  • Bell boots.

These are specialist boots that mainly serve to eliminate faults of gait such as strickling, racing, or certain issues that remain after injuries.

Producers of dressage horse boots

Below, we present you with a list of the most popular producers of dressage boots for horses, which are renowned worldwide.


This Italian producer of accessories for horses and riders began their work in the ‘90s. This brand is known for their attention to detail, which combined with innovative technologies have no match. Each new product is tested by professional riders, which is why you can be sure they will be perfect for all conditions. No wonder Veredus has become one of the most popular producers of horse boots in the world. What is more, their boots provide the horse with excellent breathability, which protects your horse’s limbs from chafing. The brand is also known for their golden line of boots, which were designed especially for Scott Brash – the champion of Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping.


This German producer has been present on the market since 1973. Currently, in this brand’s offer, you will find high-quality boots for horses made of excellent quality materials. Due to their anatomical shapes, they perfectly fit the horses’ legs and cause no discomfort. This brand specializes in both production of show equipment, and recreational accessories.


Eskadron’s products stand out not only with their exceptional quality but also with thoughtful design. They have repeatedly paved the way for producers of equestrian accessories. Whether you are a lover of classic boots or designer’s products, you will find something perfect in their offer. This producer launches items of various recurring collections each year. Among them, very popular are e.g. boots from Classic Sports (soft colors and classic patterns), Platinum (elegant and simple), Platinum Pure (white and gray), Young Star (for the youngest riders), and Heritage (often decorated with calligraphy and luxurious patterns) collections.

Recommended dressage boots for horses

Below, we present you with a ranking of the most popular horse boots.

1.  Eskadron Pro Dressage boots

These anatomically shaped boots excellently fit the horse’s legs. They are elastic, which is why they fit quite tightly, at the same time not restricting movements. Simultaneously, they provide maximal protection, also from irritation. You can easily and quickly put them on and take them off. They guarantee high comfort of use.

2. Veredus Piaffe Revo dressage boots

 This is the flag model of Veredus horse boots. Their outer layer is made of neoprene, which is why they provide excellent breathability and protect the horse’s legs from chafing. Their anatomical shape prevents them from shifting. The boots are fastened with four-level pegs, which make it very easy to put the boots on and take them off.

3. Veredus TRC Vento dressage boots

These exceptionally stylish dressage boots with fur excellently stabilize your horse’s limbs. They have a thick and solid shell, which does not restrict airflow, which is why your horse will be protected from chafing. We also recommend taking a look at the anti-shock system that efficiently absorbs the energy of an impact. It is also worth mentioning that their double velcro closures make it easy to put the boots on and take them off. This product will be perfect for delicate horses, who are prone to chafing.

Veredus TRC Vento Save the Sheep (dressage boots with fur)
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