All you should know about horse browbands

Horse bridle has many key elements, which allow the rider to control the horse, however, the browband itself has no functional purpose. It is an element of the horse equipment that is mostly a decoration, which is why there are many attractive models available on the market that sole purpose is to stand out. These ornaments come in many colors, patterns, and have all kinds of decorations such as studs, chains, beads.

What to pay attention to while choosing a browband?

Dressage browbands are decorative elements of the horse’s equipment, however, they do not only differ in the esthetic values. While choosing the right browband for your horse, you should match it to the bridle so that it isn’t too loose or too tight. Most browbands come in various sizes, which most often are divided into:

  • mini-Shetlands – for smallest horses,
  • Shetlands – for small horses, 
  • Pony – for ponies, 
  • Cob – for average horses, 
  • Full – for big horses, 
  • Xfull – for biggest horses with big heads.

Leading producers of dressage browbands

Dressage browband is a characteristic part of the bridle that catches attention, which is why even without functional purpose, you should opt for renowned producers while choosing these ornamental elements of equipment. German producer of equestrian equipment, Busse, has been present on the market for the last 50 years, and in that period they have managed to gain the riders’ trust with their experience. What makes their products special is an excellent combination of attractive design, high quality, and affordable prices. Both professional riders and amateurs use Busse’s products. This is why you can be sure you will find something perfect among their browbands, regardless of the size or shape you should need.

Another German brand that we can recommend is HKM. HKM is a family company that was founded in 1967. HKM’s browbands are made with attention to every detail and their models delight with their minimalism and interesting form. Available models belong to various price ranges, which is why every rider can find something just perfect among this producer’s items.

TOP 3 of the best dressage browbands

As the browband is mostly decorative in horse equipment, the choice depends solely on the rider’s preferences. The ranking presented below is a list of attractive high-quality models that may serve as an inspiration and will point to what to pay attention to while choosing a browband. To unify the list, all items are in COB size, for average horses.

Busse, Colour-Wave browdband

3. Busse, Colour-Wave browdband

Busse Colour-Wave browband is available in three colors and you can buy other bridle elements from the same series. Additionally, for better fit, this product comes in 5 sizes. Because of the crystal decoration and colorful wave, this product will be an impressive ornament that gently falls onto your steed’s forehead.

Busse, Comfort browband

2. Busse, Comfort browband

Another item from Busse, made of high-quality leather. A gentle arch is decorated with shiny applications available in four patterns. This model refers to classic elegance and depending on your preferences it can delight with silver or gold details. The browband is available in four sizes.

HKM, Crystal pearl horse browband

1. HKM, Crystal pearl horse browband

What makes Crystal pearl browband stand out is that it is made of the highest-quality cowhide characteristic for its durability, so it will serve you for years. We also would like to point out this model’s size, which is very interesting and available in back color. What is more, this browband is ornamented with a delicate application, which makes it perfect for various types of bridles. This model is available in three sizes – Full, pony & COB.

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