Dressage horse riding boots

How to choose riding boots?

As a rider, you know that you need the necessary equipment to enjoy the time spent with your horse. At the top of the list, you definitely need are riding shoes. When you find the perfect pair, they might not guarantee top results and effects but they will surely help you achieve them. 

How to pick riding boots that will meet your expectations?

  1. The best way to choose proper riding boots is to consider what would be their purpose and to adjust them to your style of riding. Jodhpurs are ankle-high shoes that can be worn with chaps and they often work perfectly fine as casual shoes, too. If you have a pair of jodhpurs, you can save your high dressage riding boots for competitions.
  2. Always try the shoes on before purchasing. Sizes can differ from producer to producer. Shoes should be as close to the skin as possible. They shouldn’t squeeze your feet, ankles, and calves. It is crucial that you as a rider are able to feel the horse’s side and give him proper signals. It is best to try the boots on while wearing socks that you most often use for riding.
  3. Give your shoes time to break in. Each pair needs wearing to properly fit your feet. Jodhpurs will give in quicker because they are usually more often used, while it may take a bit longer with high boots. When choosing high riding boots, you should pay attention to their height – they should end below the knee. At first, using new shoes is often uncomfortable while riding, but the feeling should disappear after a few days.
  4. Consider if you need shoes with zippers. Zippers are quite popular in jodhpurs but you can also find models with laces and elastic tops, so the choice is quite vast. Using a zipper on the side of a high shoe makes it easier to put it on and take it off. However, zippers are not so popular in high boots. You can opt for the zipper if you want the shoes to fit tightly. High riding boots cannot be too tight, though, because a squeezed leg will fall asleep.

What are dressage shoes?

A dressage riding shoe has a low heel and a high topper that ends in 1 or 2 fingers below the knee. Dressage boots are designed in such a way that they support the rider and provide functionality. They should stabilize the lower leg and allow for very close contact with the horse. The inside of the shoe is thinner and softer. The outer side of a dressage boot is slightly thicker and higher. In classic dressage shoes, the heel is strongly reinforced. It allows you to “hold” the foot better.

Personalized high dressage riding boots

Example of Deniro Boots (model: Bellini)

If your budget allows you, you should take a look at the offer of tailor-made shoes. This option provides perfect fit of the size and style of the boots. Such an option is made available by DeNiro brand placed in the south of Italy – they are hand-made of the highest quality leather by qualified craftsmen. DeNiro is famous for their quality, style, and innovations on the equestrian market. High dressage riding boots from DeNiro are stiff, provide lots of support, and might be either zippered or laces, which makes them exceptionally elegant. This brand has many models for individual orders.

Petrie’s app to customize your riding boots. It’s available at customizeyourboots.nl

Petrie high dressage riding boots also can be personalized. Petrie offers you to apply certain modifications to their basic models – you can choose different types of leather, color, lacquering, decorations, or order a tailor-made pair of shoes. The brand’s headquarters is located in Brummen (the Netherlands) and with the use of innovative and classic techniques, they make the highest-quality riding shoes.

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