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Current trends in dressage show shirts

For many years, the matter of show clothing has been strictly regulated by rules as this sport’s tradition is very valued. For official competitions, both men and women need to fulfill certain norms with their outfits, which applies to the breeches, show jacket, shirt, and accessories. When it comes to the dressage show shirt, while choosing the proper model, you should pay attention if it fits properly but isn’t too tight so that it does not restrict your movements. You should also take into consideration the weather conditions so that you are fully comfortable.

What kind of show shirts for dressage competitions?

As dressage show shirts are usually mostly covered with a show jacket, riders have more freedom while choosing this piece of clothing. However, that doesn’t mean there are no rules. For example, the Polish Equestrian Federation required the following elements in a dressage show shirt:

  • white collar,
  • white cuffs if the shirt has long sleeves.

The few requirements for a dressage show shirt translate into a vast range of available models on the market, which differ in cuts and colors. Usually, you can pick from shirts with short and long sleeves, with classic or stand-up collars.

Producers of the most fashionable show shirts

There are a lot of brands that produce equestrian clothing, however, if you want to be sure that the quality is impeccable, we recommend picking clothes from the best producers. One of them is Animo, whose clothes are used by top riders all over the world. They are exceptionally elegant, beautiful, and made of the highest-quality materials, adjusted to every rider’s expectations.

Similarly, the Norwegian brand Kingsland delights with their collections. Their products are very characteristic with the attention to detail and thoughtful solutions with innovative cuts. Another interesting offer comes from a Finnish producer – Horze. This brand has been present on the market for over 30 years, and among their collections, you will find both something classic and very modern.

3 recommendations of women’s dressage show shirts

The high availability of various models of show shirts allows the riders to freely manifest their preferences. Women especially pay attention to choosing the right color, which is why the female equestrian fashion world most often is more diversified. The list of shirts presented below names items perfect for every participant. The chosen models have stand-up collars and short sleeves for better comparison.

Horze, Taylor equestrian show shirt

Horze competition shirt

The Taylor model is characteristic for its sporty cut, which is highlighted with a zipper by the stand-up collar. The material is highly breathable, and mesh inserts on the front and back provide even better comfort. Convenient ribbings on the sleeves allow for a better fit. This model is available in navy blue and white.

Kingsland, Janna equestrian show shirt

Kingsland white competition shirt

The Janna model is made of high-quality material that is very breathable and elastic, which is why it does not restrict the rider’s movements. On the back, it has a zipper, for unique design and accessibility. What makes this model stand out is an ornamental application under the stand-up collar, enriched with extraordinary trimming. This model is available in white, black, and gray.

Animo, Brina equestrian show shirt

Animo Italia horse riding show shirt

The Brina model is an exceptionally elegant product with slightly elongated sleeved. The highest-quality material allows your skin to breathe, at the same time providing full freedom of movement. What catches the eye are the lace inserts on the sleeves and neck of the shirt. This model is available in five colors – white, gray, maroon, navy blue, and black.

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