Dressage competition clothing

All you should know about dressage outfit

All you should know about dressage clothing.

Dressage is one of the equestrian Olympic disciplines, based on the finesse performance of particular sequences. The rider displays his or her horse’s natural abilities, presenting on a special arena called the dressage arena. Get to know particular parts of the dressage outfit depending on training and competitions!

Use of dressage outfit

The use of a professional dressage outfit depends on its type. In the case of traditional training, the rider’s clothing is used mostly to protect the most sensitive body parts and to improve the efficiency of cooperation with the horse.

A competition outfit should also provide protection of the competitor, but the esthetics are equally important. Both the horse’s and the rider’s elements of equipment and clothing are regulated by equestrian rules. Competition outfits are strictly controlled during shows and competitions and ignoring the regulations might result in disqualification.

Rider in training clothing set

Training clothing

When it comes to training clothing, there are no law regulations that can force the rider into following them. However, for full equipment, the rider’s clothing should include:

  • toque,
  • breeches,
  • gloves,
  • jumping bat,
  • chaps,
  • equestrian socks.

You should pay the closest attention to the toque or helmet that would guarantee your head protection in case of an accident.

Show clothing

Rider in dressage clothing competition set

As mentioned before, the competitors’ outfits are strictly regulated by equestrian rules, however, certain elements are also named in regulations for particular shows. They include:

  • long show jacket,
  • top hat,
  • breeches (white or cream),
  • tie or bib,
  • gloves,
  • spurs,
  • high black boots.

It is also acceptable to wear headgear – this point is even mandatory for junior competitions.

Learn more how to dress for a dressage competition.

Most important manufacturers

Undoubtedly, the leading manufacturers of equestrian dressage clothing is Kingsland with its Dressage lines.

Here, we should also mention Busse. This German producer excellently combines quality and safety for the riders and horses. Other companies worth your attention are Waldhausen, Horze, HKM, Pikeur, and Covalliero.

TOP 3 products

X-Shape Equiline women’s breeches

The first product that deserves your attention are X-SHAPE Equiline women’s breeches with full grip of the X-Grip type. These pants combine a unique design that highlights the rider’s body shape, and functionality due to their elastic fabric.

Pikeur Luis dressage show jacket

We also recommend Luis show jacket from Pikeur, which provides comfort while performing particular figures. Another pro of this jacket is the brand’s plate that highlights a very special design of this product.

Horse riding white tie

The last product we’d like to present on this list is a white tie from Kingsland, which meets all competitions rules and regulations, highlighting the rider’s elegant outfit.

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